testimonials - sacred space yoga

Sacred Space Yoga is a great, relaxing and inspiring retreat where you can escape and take a break from all those busy stressful days. It doesn't just strengthen your body, but calms your mind and orders your thoughts. Many thanks to Amanda for creating this amazing, warm and friendly studio where I have really found my sacred space.

Anastasia S. 

What an amazing way to start the day. I have been coming to Sacred Space Yoga for eight months now and I feel I have discovered a very special practice. The studio is a calm and relaxed place to do yoga and peaceful enough to leave behind the outside world for an hour and a half. Welcomed each week by Amanda Hopkins, she conducts her small classes with the utmost precision and care, where each individual practise at their own pace. My flexibility has improved and I have learnt to channel my breathing as I "pack every cell with breath". I leave rejuvenated, ready to get on with my day as I look forward to next week's class.

Vicky T

Thanks for the yoga class yesterday, I had the best sleep I have had in weeks last night. You have really got something golden happening there.

Lynette J

Thanks for everything this year - you have really changed my overall well being. It is great to not be in pain and to be able to put my socks and shoes on. Your yoga has worked miracles!

Sue T

This yoga is very different as learning to relax and meditate without trying is the main focus during each pose and throughout the class. It is amazing how easily the meditative space came to me when reminded during each pose to "aaand relaaaax"! Each class just gets better and better. Thank you Amanda 

James B