namaste and welcome to sacred space yoga - cultivate your sacred space within

If you are looking for Hawthorn yoga classes or Camberwell yoga classes, please come and try our boutique Hawthorn East yoga studio. We hold regular group yoga classes and yoga courses, private yoga lessons and Reiki healing sessions on the city side of Camberwell Junction. Beginners to advanced students are welcome (this includes those who believe they are too inflexible for yoga or feel they would not be "good at yoga"!).

Our yoga is a moving mindful meditation practise with a strong focus on learning to relax. It is an excellent way to strengthen and stretch the body and you will learn to cultivate your own sense of inner calm, your own sense of sacred space within.
The benefits include positive impact to mental and physical wellbeing, stress reduction for the body and mind, improved concentration, increased energy levels and enjoyment of antidote to the negative impacts of the frenetic western world.